We here at Gamers for Good wanted to take a minute and thank all the organizations and gamers that jumped behind us to support “Quest for Caring 2017”.

Putting together a new type of event can be nerve-racking. Will it work? Will they play? Will it be fun? One thing that tends to help an idea feel a little less scary can be when others support you. The validation that comes from I explained my idea to you, and now you want to be a part of it means it’s a good idea right? They like it, others might too.

So when we were putting together “Quest for Caring” getting the support of so many awesome sponsors backing our effort and donating their wares towards the campaign was exhilarating. When the pressure was on to get everything up and running, tested a polished before the event start, the Sponsor support provided such a needed lift to help us power through any mishaps along the way.

Our sponsors gave so generously and enthusiastically, we were really pumped when all was set and we were waiting for game time. Watching users sign up ahead of start time, was so encouraging. They were waiting to play our charity game.

Once the game went live, it was a total rush to start seeing submissions come in, but even greater was listening to player feedback and adjusting the game on the fly to create better experiences and higher engagement.

Walking PAX and marketing the game to captive players in long PAX lines was the easiest marketing method. We had a way to earn free games and learn about awesome charities from right there in line.

The support of the players that joined the quest and the feedback and open communication we got to have with them was a fantastic experience. We love the ability to create an event and then let the participants help guide how it plays out was more fun that we could have expected.

So to the sponsors and the players, THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of you PAX West 2017 and allowing us to bask in your energy. That fuel makes it so enjoyable to help gamers give back.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]