PAX West – We donated $30K Thousand Dollars!!!!

I was lucky enough to get invited to not just 1 panel at PAX West but 2. So I got to speak on both busy weekend days Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (was shocked at numbers that came out so early after so many parties Sat night).

I spoke Saturday in the Play it Forward panel about how gamers can get involved and take action with charity in the game industry. Sat’s panel also was when I got to present Anxiety Gaming with a $10,000 thousand dollar check, that was their split of the proceeds from our G4G Presents Undertale charity art-book.

Sunday I spoke with Peet, repping Riot Games, on the Doing Good with Games panel. This panel was more about what structures and systems are out there for giving in the industry as well as what organizations are doing with charity as game developers.

My fellow Panelists Russ Pitts, Take This and Erick Blandin, Child’s Play received $10,000 thousand dollars checks from Gamers for Good representing their share of the proceeds from the G4G Presents Undertale charity art-book. Bringing the total up to $30k (30 thousand!!) in donations given by Gamers for Good over the course of Pax West 2017!

Nothing inspires more action than support, Gamers for Good giving funds to other organizations not only inspires them to work even harder to be grateful for the support. It also inspires us at Gamers for Good to work harder to create more opportunities to represent gamers and the Industry in the most positive manner.






Speaking at PAX DEV was a great addition to my PAX experience. I have never attended any other PAX events other than Prime/West, so I was excited to participate in this industry event.

Paired with Seven Siegal from Global Game Jam, we hosted a workshop on getting involved with charity as a game developer. What the positive benefits are, how easily they can get started and we discussed interactively specific examples for the workshop attendees.

I love forward to participating as a speaker and as an attendee at this event in the future. I am very grateful for all the hospitality I was shown for this event.


Quest for Caring

This year Gamers for Good decided we wanted to challenge PAX West attendees to learn something about the charities around Seattle and familiarize themselves with each charity’s mission and website. We also issued several photo challenges charging questers with deciphering the location and taking selfies with elements outside each organization.

This was a first-time event, so we learned so many things we can’t wait to fold in for the next one. We had put too much weight in the ad on the PAX West website generating more traffic than it did, so we are considering all the other possibilities for getting the word out, that were not available this year due to a short lead time before the event.

The Sponsors were awesome and really came out for us in strong support, that was AWESOME!!! We look forward to working with these organizations in future efforts, as so many were so willing to jump in.

The group of gamers that jumped in and completed the Quest for Caring, were really engaged. Most completed all the quests with time to spare. They left us feedback to make more missions, and they offered to help get the word out next year.

Overall given the learned we gained this year, we can improve participation levels with better more visible marketing.

This was an absolute whirlwind week combining all this activity with the fact that I was traveling with my puppy Tibbers and you’ll understand how ready for a little R&R we were after all this fun <3

Check out the video: