13 Mar

Gamers help Austin Beautify its park at It’s My Park Day.

Volunteers spread 20 cubic yards of mulch around existing trees to prevent soil compaction and resist the effects of drought. Volunteers also planted 11 items in the park this workday: – 1 Texas Cedar Elm – 1 Monterrey Oak – 1 Texas Redbud– 1 Mexican Plum – 1 Flame Leaf Sumac – 2 Evergreen Sumacs – 1 Bing Cherry Tree– 1 Stella Cherry Tree – 2 Crepe MyrtlesIt’s My Park Day is a day held 2 times a year...

13 Mar

Gamers inspired by Food Drive game go help out at the local Food Bank

Food Banks are a critical part to the hunger solution and food banks always need help to perform their mission. Gamers in Portland gathered Early on Sat morning and went to help the Oregon Food Bank process over 42,000 pounds of potatoes. That is 357 meals that each volunteer help get out to those in need in the area, which included many government workers in the shut down. ...

02 Jan

As the year came to close, gamers in Austin gathered once more, December 2018.

As the winter night grew shorter and shorter, and the temperature colder and colder, winter’s effect was everywhere to be seen. This wasn’t enough to stop Gamers for Good in Austin from gathering for a day of service at the food bank. Austin gamers enjoyed working both together and for the greater good. There were also other lessons to be learned from the visit, like what items food bank needs and which donations are the most valuable.

20 Dec

Gamers from New York City came together to help serve the hungry in their community as 2018 comes to an end.

The sharp chill in the air couldn’t stop our NYC gamers from gathering to help feed their neighbors in need in the Bronx this December. The helped set up a mobile food pantry to help reach areas of the city no close enough to established Food Banks. Gamers for Good volunteers were happy to just dive right in and assist in any way possible to help the members of their community be valued and respected.

18 Dec

South Central LA families were aided by gamers across SoCal this holiday season

The holiday season brought gamers from all over Southern California together to serve the community of South Central LA. Toy n Joy is an event where needy families can sign up to shop the event for their families. Toys, as well as clothes, are provided to families to help keep their bodies and spirits warm this holiday season. Our volunteers helped keep the shelves stocked and assisted families as they shopped the toys and clothing items. Engaging with kids to help find...

17 Dec

Gamers help get presents wrapped and ready for delivery to needy families in the Portland area.

There is nothing quite like the rush of bonding with others over a common cause. Gamers for good was so happy to join Santa’s Posse in getting ready all the local Toys for Tots toys wrapped and ready to be delivered to local families in need this holiday season in the Portland Area. The shear size of the event was overwhelming at times, realizing how each gift represented a child was astonding at how much good we were apart of that...

20 Aug

Gamers help fill a food insecurity gap in NYC August 2018

Being hungry in NYC can be even more desperate on Sundays, as most of the soup kitchens and meal services are closed on Sundays. We gathered at one of the few meal services opened on Sunday and helped prepare and service a meal to those who are food insecure. Our Gamers for Good helped prepare for the meal, serve the meal and then clean up. It was a full afternoon spent to honors those others who have a greater need.

06 Aug

G4G helps hungry families during critical summer months.

When the sun shines bright and the kiddos are out of school, local food banks struggle to get enough volunteers to help feed hungry families which have kids who might eat breakfast and lunch at school during the school year. Our volunteers worked alongside others across the Portland area to process over 13,000 pounds of food in 2.5 hours, that’s over 11,000 meals and just over 175 meals processed per person. We hope you will join our next service event or when...

31 Jul

Gamers for Good coast to coast service for August 2018

Aug 2018 marks a new landmark for Gamers for Good, we will be nationwide. With service in Austin and New York City, we have more reach than we ever have before. We are so excited to have service opportunities to offer gamers across the country, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin and New York City. Check the event calendar if you are looking to participate in any of these events. Also if you are willing to help us host an event local to you,...

08 May

G4G volunteers @ OC 2nd Harvest Food Bank May 2018

Taking the service train down to Orange County, this May we served in the Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine, CA. Gamers gathered in the name of service for others and processed food donations to ready them for the families that needed them so badly. Never have we seen so many carrots, felt like we were grinding farming quests 🙂

23 Apr

Gamers for Good volunteers at: SOLVE it Willamette River area clean up Earth-day Apr 2018

Gamers for Good welcomed many new volunteers this Earth Day out in Portland for some Williamete River area clean up. We gathered at an event organized by SOLVIT and Comcast Cares. We were assigned an urban area that ran parallel to the river and that had many storm drains that led right into the river. As we worked across our zone and filled our bags were gathered trash and waste, we build great bonds discussing projects and hobbies, food tastes and histories. It was...

12 Mar

Gamers for Good volunteers at: Oregon Foodbank, Portland office Mar 2018

March brought Gamers for Good’s second service in our new Portland area, and this trip took us to the Oregon Food Bank, Portland office. Our shift was a busy 4 hours of working together and accomplishing amazing amounts of food and coffee processing for the area’s hungry. As a shift, we were able to process over 46,000 pounds of food in just a few hours. It was an inside climate controlled environment that was friendly to help from all ages, so this...

12 Feb

Gamers for Good volunteers @ Friends of Trees Feb 2018

Moving up from service in SoCal, we were quickly reminded the Pacific NorthWest has all 4 seasons and right now it’s still winter. It was a brisk morning with a cold breeze. BRRRRR. We were really excited to do our first service project since the big move and this one did not let us down. It ended up being a beautiful day, we met some wonderful people and helped settle 11 trees into their new home in Vancouver neighborhoods. The party (hard)...

05 Feb

G4G volunteers with Heal the Bay at Hermosa Beach

Gamers took to the sand Sat Jan 27th to help clean up the shores of Hermosa Beach. With paper bags in hand, not plastic since a lot of what we are there to clean up is plastic. We worked alongside others from the local area to clean up a full mile of California coastline. It is always more fun to do service in the company of other gamers, maybe next time we’ll see you here. ...

19 Nov

G4G at CTNXpo 2017

Gamers for Good had the opportunity to share some booth space with some generous friends at CTNX 2017 (Creative Talent Network Animation Expo). It gave us an opportunity to get in front of a new crowd, say hello to LOTS of friends and share our projects with more gamers. We actually started the morning at one booth and moved over shortly to another. We were starting the day sharing with our 1st generous friend John Polidora, who had...