Was so great to see everyone gather for service of others. We all met and ventured into meet Jackie with Good+ Foundation. Jackie is the volunteer coordinator that would be leading our warehouse service that morning.

Jackie was quick to greet us and help us get signed in. She then explained what exactly we would be doing, sorting clothing donations from individual donors and repackage for organizational donations to service groups they work with.

In just 2 hours in the warehouse, we were able to service over 2000 garments, working through all the current inventory. Jackie was impressed with our teamwork.

Good+ Foundation is a fantastic organization that serves families under the poverty level. What truly separates their services is how they use high performing programs to help empower true change of lifestyle through knowledge. They run programs to engage fathers, to support mothers and support early childhood development.

This was a wonderful morning of service hosted by Jackie who truly helped education us and share the message and mission of Good+ Foundation with us.

You can find out more about Good+ Foundation by visiting their website at: