Sometimes when we arrive at Compton Initiative we already know what our task for the workday is and other we just show up to rally and go with the flow. This workday was one where we just showed up. We got assigned to go paint a mural, so we headed over to the church across the street from our wall. When we got there it was obvious there was WAY too many people to paint one wall, so we asked what other stations around the city might need more help. After a few radio calls we were headed over to an elemantary school that was looking pretty sad and dismal and needed a fresh coat of love.

We arrived and quickly gathered our tools and set into our work. We have painted a few schools now so it doesn’t feel so foreign anymore. This school had some really interesting design, so people were trying to get at all the surfaces in every way they could. Annie, one of our gamers was just small enough to fit into one area on the roof to paint that the rest of us couldn’t reach 🙂

It was amazing, while painting I was looking at the mural that had been completed on my wall. And there it was METTATON, was right there in the mural. It was fate.Right? Since we are producing an Undertale Charity Artbook?

We worked right along and got the school looking so much better, and hoped the kids would all be surprised when they came back on Monday.