When we signed up to volunteer on Thanksgiving, we were a little afraid we would be alone. But never fail we had gamers come out to join us. We signed up months before, and they had asked what we wanted to do, of course, I said whatever is most needed! So we had no idea what we would be doing that day until we arrived, lol.

Westside Thanksgiving is such a well-organized event,  we arrive found our compadres and headed to check in. they had a waiting queue where a leader would pick us up from. This leader escorted us to our task and explained how our station would work as we walked. As we heard our task you could see the reality wash over all our faces, we were running the clothing store. Thanksgiving is not always about food, and the folks joining us that day had a need for clothing, so to help them feel thankful they had the chance to shop for themselves and family members for clothing items that had been donated.

Any volunteer experience where we get to interact with the end user always are very touching for me, they are so much more tangible than the faceless donation drives that I have no idea where the money goes. Helping a mother find onesies for her baby or helping a homeless teen find a coat to keep warm that night, those moments really hit me hard and make me want to do everything I can to be helpful.

Ther is no greater way for me to be thankful than to go help others find the space they too can be thankful in.