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08 May

G4G volunteers @ OC 2nd Harvest Food Bank May 2018

Taking the service train down to Orange County, this May we served in the Second Harvest Food Bank in Irvine, CA. Gamers gathered in the name of service for others and processed food donations to ready them for the families that needed them so badly. Never have we seen so many carrots, felt like we were grinding farming quests 🙂

23 Apr

Gamers for Good volunteers at: SOLVE it Willamette River area clean up Earth-day Apr 2018

Gamers for Good welcomed many new volunteers this Earth Day out in Portland for some Williamete River area clean up. We gathered at an event organized by SOLVIT and Comcast Cares. We were assigned an urban area that ran parallel to the river and that had many storm drains that led right into the river. As we worked across our zone and filled our bags were gathered trash and waste, we build great bonds discussing projects and hobbies, food tastes and histories. It was...

23 Apr

Gamers for Good: 1st live play-test: Cat Burglar PIGsquad Drink n’ Draw APR 2018

Gamers for Good submitting Cat Burglar to be included in PIGsquads Drink n Draw 2018 indie game festival. We were lucky enough to be selected to be featured in an art battle, where everyone competed for 15 minutes to draw the best Cat Burglar fan art. There were lots of learns and cant wait to do our next player facing event. I captured a couple quick videos during the art jam section of the event. ...

12 Mar

Gamers for Good volunteers at: Oregon Foodbank, Portland office Mar 2018

March brought Gamers for Good’s second service in our new Portland area, and this trip took us to the Oregon Food Bank, Portland office. Our shift was a busy 4 hours of working together and accomplishing amazing amounts of food and coffee processing for the area’s hungry. As a shift, we were able to process over 46,000 pounds of food in just a few hours. It was an inside climate controlled environment that was friendly to help from all ages, so this...

12 Feb

Gamers for Good volunteers @ Friends of Trees Feb 2018

Moving up from service in SoCal, we were quickly reminded the Pacific NorthWest has all 4 seasons and right now it’s still winter. It was a brisk morning with a cold breeze. BRRRRR. We were really excited to do our first service project since the big move and this one did not let us down. It ended up being a beautiful day, we met some wonderful people and helped settle 11 trees into their new home in Vancouver neighborhoods. The party (hard)...

05 Feb

G4G volunteers with Heal the Bay at Hermosa Beach

Gamers took to the sand Sat Jan 27th to help clean up the shores of Hermosa Beach. With paper bags in hand, not plastic since a lot of what we are there to clean up is plastic. We worked alongside others from the local area to clean up a full mile of California coastline. It is always more fun to do service in the company of other gamers, maybe next time we’ll see you here. ...

29 Jan

Global Game Jam 2018 : “Transmission”

This past weekend thousands from around the globe gathered either local or remotely in one unified goal: To make games! Weather video game, board game, card game or somethign else related to all things gaming, you have 48 hours to bring something to life. Friday night we were at one of our local jam sites with Portland Indie Game  Squad (PIGSquad) at Art Institute of Portland. We all watched the keynote and waited for the theme reveal at the end”...

24 Jan

Participate in Global Game Jam 2018!

This upcoming weekend Jan 26-28 Global Game Jam 2018 will be happening! The structure of a jam is usually that everyone gathers on Friday late afternoon, watches a short video keynote with advice from leading game developers, and then a secret theme is announced. All sites worldwide are then challenged to make games based on that same theme, with games to be completed by Sunday afternoon The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking...

03 Jan

Gamers for Good transition

With the new year come lots of changes for Gamers for Good. First off, we relocated to WA,  right outside Portland. So we will be getting move involved with PIGsquad and the Portland dev community.We will be adding service opportunities this week so watch for those. We are also just 3 hours from Seattle, so we will be able to do more there for PAX too. We will have new activites starting soon with Gamer Hub, G4G Twitch channel...

19 Nov

G4G at CTNXpo 2017

Gamers for Good had the opportunity to share some booth space with some generous friends at CTNX 2017 (Creative Talent Network Animation Expo). It gave us an opportunity to get in front of a new crowd, say hello to LOTS of friends and share our projects with more gamers. We actually started the morning at one booth and moved over shortly to another. We were starting the day sharing with our 1st generous friend John Polidora, who had...

17 Oct

Gamers for Good volunteer to help cloth LA’s needy Families with Good+ Foundation

Was so great to see everyone gather for service of others. We all met and ventured into meet Jackie with Good+ Foundation. Jackie is the volunteer coordinator that would be leading our warehouse service that morning. Jackie was quick to greet us and help us get signed in. She then explained what exactly we would be doing, sorting clothing donations from individual donors and repackage for organizational donations to service groups they work with.

29 Sep

Gamers for Good grateful for the support we received for “Quest for Caring 2017”.

We here at Gamers for Good wanted to take a minute and thank all the organizations and gamers that jumped behind us to support “Quest for Caring 2017”. Putting together a new type of event can be nerve-racking. Will it work? Will they play? Will it be fun? One thing that tends to help an idea feel a little less scary can be when others support you. The validation that comes from I explained my idea to you, and...

13 Sep

Gamers for Good donates $30K Thousand dollars and puts gamers on a quest @ PAX West 2017

PAX West – We donated $30K Thousand Dollars!!!! I was lucky enough to get invited to not just 1 panel at PAX West but 2. So I got to speak on both busy weekend days Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning (was shocked at numbers that came out so early after so many parties Sat night). I spoke Saturday in the Play it Forward panel about how gamers can get involved and take action with charity in the game...

23 Aug

Gamers for Good joins forces with LA community to help the Homeless

Gamers for Good came out strong on the morning of 8/19/2017 at Griffith Park where we participated in an event to help fortify the organizations helping serve the homeless population of Los Angeles. With activities like building hygiene kits, building PB &J’s, making blankets or processing canned food donations, everyone on site was bustling with activity. The results from Saturday’s service our combined efforts assembled over 2,000 hygiene kits, 1,600 PB&J sandwiches, more than 500 cans of non-perishable foods and...

08 Aug

Gamers for Good attends Games for Change Festival 2017

When extended an invitation to come and experience the Games for Change festival in New York City, it was too hard to pass up. I want to see what/how the “alternate” game space works. This festival is prime time opportunity. I need project and companies to feature on Gamer Charity Hub I had never been to NYC With my knee injured I was a little skeptical that this trip was going to...

25 May

Join other Gamers on National Donut Day to honor veterans.

Today, the Salvation Army’s tradition of caring for our servicemen and women is as strong as ever. In Southern California, the Salvation Army operates numerous homeless shelters to help veterans get back on their feet, including Bell Shelter—one of the largest homeless shelters west of the Mississippi—and The Haven, a homeless shelter exclusively for veterans located in Los Angeles. Major League Eating is honored to join the Salvation Army to help bring attention to their considerable work. Do you...

27 Apr

Game for Good: Rescue Bear Operation

What is it? Rescue Bear Operation is a free to play, one level, mini game intended for children; but appealing to all ages. This game is intentionally kept simple and accessible. There are two objectives. One: save as many friendly critters as you can! Two: save as many trees by putting out the wildfires! By doing this you will accumulate acorns that can be used as in-game currency to purchase unique cosmetic items in the game. (E.g. hats, shirts, etc) Or; if...

18 Mar

Gamer for Good encourages participation this Earth Day 2017

Given the state of the importance being placed on environmental concerns by the current administration in the US, we here at Gamers for Good hope each and every one of you will take the initiative to do something this Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017. We all are going to need to be prepared to take up action ourselves, the desire for change is only going to be fulfilled by the time and energy we are willing to invest. Gone...

15 Mar

GDC 2017: What I expected, what I didn’t

GDC 2017 in my mind was going to be so much less stress than 2016 since NO BOOTH! I expected to get to meet so many people at a leisurely pace and take in so many more sessions. Did those things happen? How did my GDC17 unfurl? 2 main topics: learning and networking. Starting with learning, did this happen? Yes, my god yes. I went to many fantastic sessions. I was both inspired and driven to connect with so many...

31 Jan

Starting the New Year 2017 off with Compton Initiative

Gamers for Good was excited to help out the Compton Initiative once again this January. They had contacted us ahead of the workdayto see if we were interested in working on a mural this workday. We figured why not try something new so we agreed. We arrived early Sat morning and helped with the setup of equipment for various teams while waiting for things to get going. After a bit, we found our team and the mural area. I was...

28 Dec

Operation Santa toy sorting is a great way to celebrate Christmas 2016

There is nothing like the feeling of loading your teens up on Christmas Eve to go serve others. That feeling is magnified when you arrive and are greeted by friends who help reinforce the value of this service. Having our teen daughters serve with us, is critical and holiday service is held in high regard. Operation Santa is put on by the Pasadena Jaycees, who organizes toy drives, costume cleanings and distributions, and toy delivery prep and execution. The fruition of...

20 Dec

Dec 2016 Helping families celebrate with a little Holiday “toy”magic

The Salvation holds so many wonderful events around the LA, so I am always very excited when Gamers for Good gets invited to participate in these very special experiences they provide. This year we gathered up a good size group of gamers and volunteered to help one needy neighborhood prepare for the holiday with toy and clothing distribution. The Toy for Tot drives held by the Marines in the areahelped fill our shelves, so each family that came through had an awesome selection. I loved...

29 Nov

Spending Thanksgiving 2016 serving others Westside style

When we signed up to volunteer on Thanksgiving, we were a little afraid we would be alone. But never fail we had gamers come out to join us. We signed up months before, and they had asked what we wanted to do, of course, I said whatever is most needed! So we had no idea what we would be doing that day until we arrived, lol. Westside Thanksgiving is such a well-organized event,  we arrive found our compadres and...