Gamers for Good was excited to help out the Compton Initiative once again this January. They had contacted us ahead of the workdayto see if we were interested in working on a mural this workday. We figured why not try something new so we agreed.

We arrived early Sat morning and helped with the setup of equipment for various teams while waiting for things to get going. After a bit, we found our team and the mural area. I was instantly intimidated. The wall wasn’t blank, there was a mural we had to paint the new one OVER.

We took a few steps back and compared that image to the wall and found some good starting anchor point of the image that we could build off of easily. From there we settled in and got some coverage going. Once we had gotten enough started, other jumped in feeling more comfortable just needing to fill in the section next to something already there. 🙂 It was a great team building method. Peet was really good at breaking down this super intimidating art task into pieces even I felt ok tackling. I was glad to have an art director with us that day <3

After hours out in the sun, our day was done even though our mural was not yet complete. Another crew would come in and finish the murals another day with smaller trained teams. Really great way to get so many involved and then have masters come clean up the work into a tidy presentation.

This work day was just another example of why we love partnering with the Compton Initiative. we did fulfilling hard days work and left feeling like we had given something that was needed. Can’t wait until our next one.