We wanted little more room to add some clarification, so everyone knows exactly what they will be receiving as part of their Perks for Gamer for Life Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks for Helping out!  We will be creating a website page just for all our donors to be recognized. All those choose to donate at Goomba level or higher will have their name listed on this special thanks page.

Stickers! You will receive 3 stickers, each being different design. One will be Gamers for Good logo, one will be Gamer for Life logo and the third will be an image from the book selected by Gamers for Good.

Wallpapers! You will receive 2 HD Digital wallpaper files based on art featured in the Gamer for Life artbook.

Digital Download Artbook! You will receive pdf download of formatted book.

T-Shirt! You will receive one Gamers for Good logo t-shirt. Available in sizes S-XXL.

Gamer for Life Art book! You will receive one physical copy of the Gamer for Life art book.

Custom Drawing! You will receive one detailed line art drawing of one game character of your choosing. The artist will be a book contributor and selected by Gamers for Good.

Google Hangout! You will be invited to a private Google Hangout sketch group where you will draw, hangout and get to ask questions to top Game Industry artist.

Signing Party! You will invited to an exclusive signing event hosted in Los Angeles, CA. you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodation. You will get opportunity to have your swag signed by the artist featured in the book, as well as facetime with the top artist in the game industry.

Custom Digital Painting! You will receive a digital painting created with your choice of 3 gaming characters. You will receive High resolution image file upon completion of painting. The artist will be a book contributor and selected by Gamers for Good.

Ultra Gamer for Good! You get it all, one of each of the rewards listed in legend. You will also get Staff, Cape and Crown to wear at Signing  Party where you will be honored for your generosity.


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