What is it?
Rescue Bear Operation is a free to play, one level, mini game intended for children; but appealing to all ages.
This game is intentionally kept simple and accessible. There are two objectives. One: save as many friendly critters as you can! Two: save as many trees by putting out the wildfires! By doing this you will accumulate acorns that can be used as in-game currency to purchase unique cosmetic items in the game. (E.g. hats, shirts, etc) Or; if you want to help good causes in giving back to real world charities and organizations for the victims of wildfires; we also offer unique downloadable content (DLC) that can be purchased with real world currency as well. The option is yours!  We’ll be donating at least 30% of our net proceeds to charitable causes.

What sets it apart?
We wanted to create a game that is socially redeeming to play and gives back a sizable portion of its proceeds to charitable causes that are victims of wildfires. We believe in 100% transparency and will document the process so players of the game will know how they’re making a real world impact & difference!

Where to find Thought Ops/ Rescue Bear Operation:

Website: https://www.thoughtops.com/rescue-bear
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thought_ops
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/513210/Rescue_Bear_Operation/