Given the state of the importance being placed on environmental concerns by the current administration in the US, we here at Gamers for Good hope each and every one of you will take the initiative to do something this Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017.

We all are going to need to be prepared to take up action ourselves, the desire for change is only going to be fulfilled by the time and energy we are willing to invest. Gone are the days of thinking the government is taking care of that.

Gamers for Good is partnering in an event in Los Angeles if you want to learn more about that: Click Here

We also understand that you don’t all live in the Los Angeles area, so I have made a spreadsheet here with some resources for locating an Earth Day events around the US. All the listings at the top are national; you can filter down by your location. The remainder is local events by state. I welcome you to submit an event below to be added to the list if you know of others.

If you get out there, take pictures and share them on Social Media. we want to make sure we as citizens are saying we care about the environment as loud as we can that day.

Let us know: #GamersforGood or share on one of our pages or Tag us 🙂
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