13 Jun

June 2015 American Heart Ball

It’s not often we get the chance to help set up for a formal ball being held under the ENDEAVOUR SHUTTLE!!!! So we jumped on the chance to help contribute towards one of the largest annual fundraisers for the American Heart Association. ...

13 May

May 2015 Junior Blind Camp

We headed out early Sat morning to help set up and run a day camp for Blind kids and their families around the LA area. tThe kids and the families we met that day reminded us we are exactly as able as we think 🙂 ...

13 Mar

March 2015 LA Foodbank

Paired up again with a pack of Gnomon students, and lots of LA area gamers for good we went to serve at the LA Food Bank prepping for distribution. I think everyone should have to work at a Foodbank 1 day a year, so you are a better donator to food drives at a minimum. The quality of food is very low and not very nutritionally dense. The camaraderie built that day around some manual labor for the service of...

13 Jan

Jan 2015 Wheels for Humanity

Gamers from up and down the Southern CA area joined up to help clear, repair and refurbish wheelchairs for distribution to the poor. once in awhile we get to do a service project that means just a little more or is especially connected to those who volunteer, this trip had both a previous UCP wheelchair recipient and a citizen of the country we were supporting Malaysia. ...

30 Nov

Nov 2014 Feast of Sharing

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that the taking stock and having gratitude tends to have a lot of folks look to help someone less fortunate. Gamers for Good got to volunteer at a large scale Convention Center-sized “Feast of Sharing” held in Los Angeles. ...

13 Nov

Nov 2014 Meals for Vets

With several Vets among our ranks, our CoFounder Peet Cooper included Veteran’s Day is one we really feel connected serving other on. We took this opportunity to head up to Los Angels VA facility and serve up lunch for a resident group of vets. ...

13 Oct

Oct 2014 Ballona Wetlands

One never truly will ever understand how bad for our planet styrofoam is until you go clean a wetland that filters a river from a metro area. After our service at the Ballona Wetlands, we were all sworn off for foam FOREVER! ...

21 Jul

Jul 2014 UCP Wheels for Humanity

UCP offers a unique volunteer experience with Wheels for Humanity. you get to work with your hands on something that will make a difference in every moment of it’s receivers life. It is the most powerful community service has ever felt. ...

20 Oct

Oct 2013 Richland Elementary School Haunted House

After Peet and I have participated in the construction of the Haunted House at our daughter’s school, Richland Elementary, the previous year, we had to ask if we could invite other gamers to come help out too! They were excited to get the extra help and that game artists wanted to come help create their Wild West themed haunted house. So we gathered up some other Gamers for Good and headed over to the school one Sat afternoon in early October.