Gamers for Good is chairing a campaign to honor our Los Angeles veterans this Veteran’s week.

This campaign has 2 parts and 2 different ways you can participate.


Honoring Vets through a fundraiser to generate funds to enable the service portion of the campaign.

All funds raised here will be used to purchase decorations for the six Los Angeles VA Christmas trees and common areas. We have been invited to honor our Vets in this way and couldn’t be happier to do so. We have estimated we need approx $1200 to really do this up right for our vets. Which means we still need [olimometer_remaining id=3].

If you can donate please do so by clicking the Star to thank LA vets for their service.Thank-You-For-Your-Service

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Thanking LA Vets by spreading some Holiday Cheer at VA Haven Facility.

Come out after Veteran’s day to honor those who have given to our country through military service. Decorations will be purchased by Nov 13th in time for the decorating event on the morning of Sat Nov 14th @ 9 am.

If you want to help us decorate, RSVP to the event on Facebook:  here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1072058519510850/

or by emailing Liz, just to say you are coming: