Industry newcomer Deepwell DTx who launched into the game development seen in March earlier this year, collaborated with the folks at Global Game Jam to start what I hope continues to be a long-reaching annual event, a mental health game jam.

A Game jam is when a group gathers to make a game in a relatively shortened period usually surrounding a theme. Deepwell DTx took that idea and made the theme education, addressing, or celebrating mental health.

Deepwell DTx announced themselves in March. They introduced themselves as publishers of video games that not only entertain but also are medical science-based treatments.

As if this alone was wonderful enough, they also are willing to help other developers take their games and modify them so they can be used for treatment. And then they will help support the team in getting that game seen.

They received over 100 game submissions, and over 400 people participated! Make sure you check out all the games submitted here:

And check out the announcement of the winner’s video here: